Comfort on a blissful day

The wedding day will be a long day, from waking up in the early hours to do your hair, make-up and dress up to long hours standing up and walking through various events and partying the night away.  The last thing you want is to be bothered by the pain of shoes that don’t fit well.  The comfort of your shoes can make or break your special day.  In this post we will give you some guidelines to be comfortable on your feet to help you enjoy your special day.

You need to choose the right shoe size.  We recommend that you read our post on measuring your shoe size which present a guideline on how to select the right size for your feet.  You don’t want to endure your special with a shoe that is too tight or too loose.

You should preferably choose a style you are already comfortable with.  If you are the high heel type, it may not be a good idea to learn on the day how to catwalk on flats.  You will express yourself best in your walk, your dance and other special moves in the shoe style you are used to.

The type of shoes must be appropriate for the settings of the venue.  Walking on high heel shoes in a garden setting may be a bit challenging, or wearing sandals in an outside venue in winter is not a good idea.  In fact, you may consider wearing more than one style of shoes to cater for different settings during the day.

You may want or need to wear a new style for your special day to achieve a specific look, or to cater for the settings of the venue (e.g. no high heels allowed on a wooden floor), or just because you just want to.  It’s your day!  In that case, you should double up on the preparations tips given in the following paragraph.

Once you get your shoes, try them on.  You should wear them a few times to mold them and check how they fit well before your special day.  After a few trials, you may consider getting inner soles or other accessories to improve the comfort.

For perfection on your wedding day: practice, practice. Especially if you have chosen a style you do not usually wear. In order to achieve that perfect walk, or the perfect dance, you should practice a couple of times with your wedding shoes. You should start practicing a couple of weeks prior to your wedding day.

Pamper your feet a couple of days before the big day. Schedule a foot massage and some manicure, for a relaxed and refreshed feeling on the day.

After applying the above tips, you should hopefully be comfortable in your shoe, with a shoe that fits you well and refreshed and relaxed to stand, walk and dance without even without thinking about it.

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