What’s in a Wedding Shoe ?

On average, a woman owns more than 10 pair of shoes.  Why?  It is known that shoes make a woman feel good.  Shoes become an essential part of a woman’s day to day experience.   Each pair of shoes fulfills a purpose, brings about a mood and makes a statement. So does a wedding shoe.

Did you know that shopping for shoes releases large amount of dopamine, a neurotransmitter in the brain that produces a good feeling throughout the body?  Shoe shopping is like a hunt, giving you an unprecedented high while tapping into a most basic instinct.

The thought of going to shop for a pair of shoe initiates the rush of dopamine.  The search for the prey maintains this high which spike when the pair of shoes is found.  The high is cranked up a notch when the kill is made with the purchase.  Finally, euphoria is found when you step into the shoes.  Most amazingly the high is relived every time they are taken out of the wardrobe.

Shopping for your wedding shoes and stepping into them on that special day should take you into cloud nine.

The right shoes will smooth out that special day, lift you up and make you standout. Donning a special pair of shoes will boost your confidence and feeling about herself.  The shoes will not only help you make a statement but will also complement the dress.

The right pair of shoes will make you feel amazing on that day.  They will give you an opportunity to express your style. If you are a high heel girl, shine on that day with the most glamorous pair you can find.  If you have chosen a traditional dress, the shoes may complement the dress with an established style or you may go for a bolder style to make a statement.

It is important that you give the important task of shopping for your wedding shoes the special attention it deserves.  It can be the difference between imprinting forever a special memory or a misery.

From our collection at D’Arielle, you can choose a special pair of wedding shoes that you will fall in love with.  Like all the items you will wear on your special day, they will make you feel fabulous. They will remind you forever of your special wedding day.

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