When to buy your wedding shoes

Wedding shoes & gownOn that special day, the wedding gown will be the centerpiece.  The wedding shoes will refine your look with a touch of finesse and elegance.  For the wedding gown and the shoes to complement each other, we recommend that you buy your shoes at the same time as the gown or shortly after. Getting your shoes early has many benefits.  It gives you the opportunity to wear them during the fitting sessions and have the gown appropriately adjusted to the correct height.  It gives you time to get comfortable in your shoes.  Wearing the shoes a couple of times mold them progressively into the shape of your feet. You also get a chance to practice walking in them and you may feel the need to accessorize with some inner soles to improve your level of comfort.  To wrap up, buying your shoes early gives you an opportunity to make them fit in perfectly and allows you to get comfortable in them. Remember, happy feet make a happy bride!

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